Why book direct

Book direct

Reserve directly through The Albus Hotel using our online reservation system to get the best possible rates, better reservation & cancellation service and benefit perks you won't find at any other online travel agency or hotel booking site. These are only and exclusive for guests who book directly.

We promise the lowest rate, guaranteed!
Know and trust that you found the best rate on If you find a rate on another website that is lower than the best rate on - and the rate is for the same date(s), same room type, same number of guests, and same rate terms or restrictions - let us know and we will honour the lower rate AND discount that rate by 10%. Press here for the terms and conditions and how to claim.

Complimentary add-ons & perks
We’ll do our best to upgrade* your room whether. Enjoy other complimentary add-ons like a late check-out, 25% discount on our generous breakfast buffet with a variety of local and organic products, other unexpected perks when booking a Suite and save at least €10 when booking more than 2 nights. You're booking an experience, not just a stay!

Worry-free reservations & cancellations
Your reservation is guaranteed when booking directly. What you see is what you pay, no hidden fees. Due to our cancellation policy (vary per rate type) you don't have to worry about unexpected cancellation fees. You're able to cancel a Free Cancellation rate until 12 hours before your check-in instead of 24 hours before check-in for no additional cost (unless specified clearly in the booking process).

Contact us directly to discuss cancellation conditions combined with other rate types. There is always a choice!

Personalise your stay
Choose the room tailored to your needs. Every room and suite is available to all our website visitors. Maybe you want to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or honeymoon. Contact us directly by email or phone to enhance your stay. You can think of champagne, a cake, chocolates or strawberries. 

Exclusive website offers
Receive exclusive offers, secret deals and discounts when signing up to our newsletter. And remember you always will benefit the complimentary direct booking perks when booking direct on

And we always display the most up-to-date content about our hotel.