Experience a Sense of Bliss

A Sense of Bliss is what we strive for at the Albus. Our rooms are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, our whimsical corridor artwork is curated to delight, and our hospitality experts work passionately to give our guests the best stay possible.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility is in our DNA. You teach this to your children, employees, suppliers and guests of the hotel and restaurant. On the one hand, it is the small things such as reducing food waste, purchasing organic, fair trade and local products, reducing and separating waste, less bed linen and bath towels. On the other hand, the much larger and wealthy investments in a new state of the art cooling and heating system entirely on Electra, so that fossil fuel is no longer required. Choose a bed manufacturer from the Netherlands and not from America, LED lighting everywhere, and so much more. We also support Warchild. This non-profit organization tries to give children in war zones a new future.

This means that you lose some profit but can make a much greater contribution to the future of our children and grandchildren. Ultimately, corporate social responsibility starts with you!

Taco van der Meer

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The Albus' aim is to create 'a sense of bliss' for all its guests. Since we are truly keen on doing that, the principles of sustainability are rooted deeply within the business. To help deliver great service that we can be proud of, the hotel embraces a variety of initiatives in order to fulfil our goals in social responsibility, energy and water consumption, as well as waste reduction. The Albus is the first Hotel in Europe with no CO2

  • First hotel in Europe that has no gas and therefore no CO2 emissions
  • Golden Green Key eco label
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Rain showers
  • Sponsor of War Child
  • CSR statement
We support Warchild


We believe no child should be part of the war. Still, more than 160 million children are growing up in war zones and this number is steadily growing. Organisation War Child takes the children out of those areas. We are a proud sponsor of War Child for many years.

Do you also want to help a child in a war zone?
By booking the War Child package you will help War Child. The Albus will double your donation! Also, we donate €2,50 extra for each shared review on TripAdvisor.