The Albus hotel receives the golden bucket.

The Albus hotel receives the golden bucket. 2nd April

On Tuesday, April the 2nd owner Taco van der meer received the golden bucket.

A lot still goes wrong with hotel cleaning. Many housekeepers earn below the minimum wage because their wages are calculated on the number of rooms they have cleaned instead of an hourly rate. CNV-Vakmensen wants this modern-day slavery to come to an end and appeals to the hotels to take their responsibility and sign the Cleaning Code. The Albus hotel, therefore, signed the Responsible Market Conduct Code in 2018 without any doubt. We are very proud of our employees, some of whom have been working with us for more than 10 years.

At the moment there are only 3 hotels in Amsterdam that have received the golden bucket. Amsterdam Tropen Hotel, American hotel and of course The Albus hotel. We hope that more hotels will follow soon!

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