The Albus Amsterdam first CO2-neutral hotel in Europe

The Albus Amsterdam first CO2-neutral hotel in Europe 12th June

Today The Albus in Amsterdam became the first completely CO2-neutral hotel in Europe. The specially purchased state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Electric system cools and heats all of the rooms without any CO2 emissions. In addition, it is also possible to heat the hotel’s tap water up to a maximum of 90 degrees in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, the hotel’s water is heated to more than 70 degrees in a sustainable manner. By 2025, Amsterdam intends to achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions, and the city has expressed the intention to be fully carbon-neutral by 2050. This is also an ambition the national government has recently stated.

Taco van der Meer, owner of the 4-star superior design hotel The Albus Amsterdam: ‘We are proud to be the first hotel in Europe that operates without any CO2 emissions. We chose to install a sustainable system for the heating and cooling of the rooms and for the hot water supply for the entire hotel. The system provides 30 to 40% energy savings when compared to the gas-powered central heating and hot water system we have replaced.’

Recovering costs

The Albus worked with various parties during the installation of the new system. Electric supplied the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system for cooling/heating for the 78 hotel rooms and the CO2 heat pump QAHV for the hot tap water. In addition, The Albus worked with Rijnen Engineering, Scholten Totaalprojecten and Homanser for advice and installation. The entire project, including the renovation of bathrooms and 75 hotel rooms, required an investment of approximately € 465,000. Van der Meer: ‘It is great for the environment, and the investment will have been paid back within 8 years thanks to lower energy bills.’


Van der Meer began discussions about the replacement of the gas-powered system in March 2016. However, the first work did not start until December last year, 9 months later. Van der Meer: ‘We got stuck in the mud because, despite Amsterdam’s goal to become climate-neutral, regulations prohibit the placement of installations on the roof in order to protect the appearance of the city center’s cityscape (within the Singelgracht). This conflict of interests caused some delays to the implementation of the project.’ Eventually, the heat pump installation was largely set up indoors.

First in Amsterdam 

Thanks to the installation of the sustainable system, The Albus, a hotel located in the center of Amsterdam, is the first hotel in the city to fulfill the municipality’s and even the nation’s goal to reduce the emission of CO2 to nearly zero by 2050, and thus meet the Paris climate agreement’s requirements.

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