New Beds

New Beds 1st November

The Albus hotel has recently upgraded all 162 beds in the hotel. The boxspring stands on somewhat higher legs, the mattress is thicker, and has a fresh topper for elevated height and comfort. In addition, both mattress and the topper are equipped with "pocket" suspension.

The pocket spring mattress has a core that consists of all loose springs, all of which are packed in a bag (pocket). As a result, they spring separately from each other and ensure amazing point elasticity. The mattress consists of several comfort zones. Springs are placed in the shoulder zone that is slightly more flexible so that the shoulder can sink a little further into the mattress. The zone layout gives every part of your body exactly the support it needs. This ensures optimal and sustainable support. The mattress ventilates comfortably due to the "open structure" of the pocket springs.

We have deliberately chosen a Dutch producer, Avek, based in Surhuisterveen. We always try to work with Dutch producers & suppliers. Good for the Dutch economy, & good for the environment.

The most important thing is the sleeping comfort of our guests who have been nothing short of enchanted with the new mattresses.


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