Vacancy Waiter/Waitress FT/PT

Let your senses be stimulated

Senses restaurant Amsterdam. a tantalizing culinary experience!

Senses Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam, with an open kitchen where 'food art' that ignites the senses is created.

Chef Renaud Goigoux, Sous Chef Joonas Karjalainen each have their own specialties and complement each other very well. Cooking is a process in which the dishes are continuously improved in terms of taste and structure. Dishes, therefore, remain on the menu a little longer because they are being further perfected.


Waiter/Waitress(FT / PT)

Do you want to work in a fine dining restaurant, member of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, where 'food art' dishes are prepared at the highest level and the finest wines are served with a top level informal service? Are you passionate about modern gastronomy and want to make sure that every guest leaves with a great deal of enthusiasm? Which can! We are looking for an employee service for our service team. So, don't miss this opportunity and apply!



As a service employee, you ensure that your guests have a fantastic afternoon or evening out and you try to exceed your guests expectations every time. You advise your guests on the menu choice and wine arrangements. You serve the dishes and pour the wines and at the end of the service the quests thank you for the good care.


Mail your CV and motivation letter to Taco van der Meer Jr. "I would like to meet you.
And know that we find pleasure in work very important. We want to see you develop so that your job is also an investment in your own future! Working in the catering industry is a party every day."Taco van der Meer Jr. 

Restaurant Senses by Lars Bertelsen

Senses Restaurant

Senses is a warm and intimate restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam, with an open kitchen where 'food art' that ignites the senses is created. That Senses constantly performs at a high level is evident from the ranking of the best fine dining restaurants in the Netherlands on Tripadvisor. 2022 in place 10.
Chef Jan Wijngaarden and his team look forward to giving you a tantalizing and delightful culinary experience!