When I get that feeling...

Shhh, don’t worry, the Albus is always discrete.

Put a little spice in your life

Amsterdam is famous for many things, pure eroticism and open sexuality being one of the many things people associate with us.
Order one of these luxurious products and create an even more intimate time together with your partner or flirt.
Don't worry, it will remain a secret between you and me! 

The Classic Box

Feeling Daring? For € 150 you get a classic box with:

  • Sensual massage oil
  • Vibrating cock ring that’s truly for both your pleasure
  • Cock sleeve for him
  • Black smartballs for her
  • A hard-working vibrator with 10 different fantasy functions
  • A travel sized vibrator for naughty fun on the go
  • Batteries, to power your journey long after you, and your Amsterdam stay has finished
  • Your choice of black satin bondage ties or a seductive blindfold
  • Satin Bag (Try putting some ice inside and giving your partner a rub down)
  • 25 different little black envelopes, each with a daring and exciting task for the two of you to get down and sexy


The Tease Bag

Let's spice up your stay. For only € 27.95 you get the love bag with:

  • A cute little finger vibrator with a powerful motor
  • Vibrating cock ring
  • French sleeve
  • Sachets with massage oil and lubricant.
  • Satin bondage/blindfold
  • Three secret assignments
  • Satin collection bag