Most asked questions

Where can I rent bikes?
At Black Bikes you can rent bikes. It's on the Rembrandt Square on the corner. Around the whole city you can actually rent bikes.

Can you drink the water in the room?
Yes, you can drink the water.

Where is the nearest coffee shop?
Coffeeshop Free I and Smokey Coffeershop are here on the corner of the hotel. In the Reguliersdwarsstraat. You have also  Boerenjongens at the Utrechtsestraat 21.

Can I take pictures at the red lights district?
No, it's not allowed to take photos.

Where can I take coffee after 11:00 AM?
In our hotel you can grab a cup of coffee at our own coffee corner. It's next to the reception.

Where can I rent my own little boat?
It depends on what kind of boat you want to rent. You can rent a boat via this link.

How environmentally friendly is this hotel?
The Albus' aim is to create 'a sense of bliss' for all its guests. Since we are truly keen on doing that, the principles of sustainability are rooted deeply within the business. To help deliver great service that we can be proud of, the hotel embraces a variety of initiatives in order to fulfill our goals in social responsibility, energy and water consumption, as well as waste reduction. The Albus is the first Hotel in Europe with no CO2.

Where do I get the best stroopwafels?

  • Van Wonderen stroopwafels, Kalverstraat 190
  • Van Holland stroopwafels, Kalverstraat 198

Where is the toilet (lobby)?
The toilet is on the left side of the elevator.


What is the WIFI code and how can I contact the hotel? What is the WIFI code and how can I contact the hotel?

The WIFI code is: Albus1017 

Contact us via
T: +31 (0)20 530 6200
Contact via WhatsApp 

The Albus Hotel Amsterdam
Vijzelstraat 49
1017 HE, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

How does AC/Heating work? How does AC/Heating work?

If you need to warm up the room: select the Heat option with the sun symbol
For cooling: choose Cool with the snowflake symbol
To decrease humidity: select Dry with the waterdrop symbol
If you need to ventilate the room: use Fan with a ventilator symbol.
When you want the system to regulate itself based on your desired temperature, select Auto with the 4 arrows symbol.

You can increase or decrease the temperature by using the + or - button.

How does transportation work in Amsterdam? How does transportation work in Amsterdam?

We can assist you in booking a taxi through our partners at Travel Electric & TCA.
For information on public transportation and other transportation options, please check here or contact our team.

How can I cast my channels to the tv? How can I cast my channels to the tv?

Stream content from your devices to yourTV. Give your phone a biggerscreen!

When you open the TV you connect your telephone when scanning the QR code showing on the TV with your phone.  

Press the power button on the remote control and click the down arrow on the remote. Tap the Cast button in any compatible app to enjoy your favorite apps on your TV. 
Choose the app from your TV provider, YouTube, HBO, Disney+, or any other, hit the cast button, and enjoy! If the app you're using supports cast, you will see a small button that looks like a TV screen somewhere on the app's home screen or menu. Tap the icon to see a tv on your network. 

Netflix, will ask you to login, you can either login with your email address or press sign-in from the web button to access via your phone. You will be directed and asked to give access. From now on you can enjoy all your favorite series and movies from Netflix on your phone.  

Login to Netflix: 
Press the power button on the remote control.  
Click on the home button on the remote control.  
Now you are on the homepage, and you will see all the apps and TV channels. 
You click on Netflix and then on 'sign in'.  
Now you can log in with your e-mail address or click on 'sign in from web' and scan the QR code. This works faster. 

How can I get a late check-out? How can I get a late check-out?

A late check-out is always on request and based on availability. 

The following charges will then apply:
A late check-out until 16:00 € 50
A late check-out until 18:00 € 100

When booking the hotel directly via, telephone, or email you can check out any time before 14.00 for free!

How do I reserve a table at Senses Restaurant? How do I reserve a table at Senses Restaurant?

You can reserve your table via or contact the team. 

Tripadvisor has announced the Best of the best restaurants in the Netherlands. We are very proud of our position in this top 10 ranking.

What are the corporate benefits? What are the corporate benefits?

If you find yourself traveling frequently to Amsterdam for business, it may be highly advantageous for you to consider setting up a corporate agreement. This can bring about many benefits that can make your business trips more efficient and cost-effective.
Our tailored corporate agreements aim to cater to your unique preferences, expectations, and requirements, ensuring a plethora of advantages.
Feel free to contact Patty at Alternatively, let the team know and Patty will get back to you promptly.